Updating several things …

24 Jan

I haven’t posted much in January.  Honestly, its been hard to find the motivation to write.  Things haven’t gone so well in some areas, but they are looking up!!

Dad is about the same.  Well, honestly, he is losing ground.  Still recognizes us but every time I see him and notice him losing ground more and more.  It’s really hard to watch, and hard to see Mom facing what she faces.  I wish I could stop it!  Dad did help Drew and me install the new gas burner in the fireplace.  It’s not really a set of logs, but a burner with decorative glass.  REALLY puts out good heat!!  And it looks great, too!  Much thanks to Bryan Howell and Fire it Up in Florence for all of the good help, and to Rick Luhrs for helping me with engineering ideas concerning the chimney!!

Ebenezer is really getting into a good place.  People are starting to listen to God, to seek being filled with His Spirit, and seeking His will and direction for their lives.  Along with that comes attacks from Satan!  And he IS attacking!  We all need to be aware, watch our backs, and know that Satan is the true enemy, NOT EACH OTHER!!  Our struggle is not with flesh and blood!!  I love my church and I’m very concerned for it right now!!!

One Response to “Updating several things …”

  1. Kim Watkins January 24, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    MAYBE if we start watching EACH OTHERS BACKS and rally around the church body Satan could not get in to attack!!!
    sorry to hear your report on your Dad will continue to lift him your Mom you and your family up.

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