Why must it be this way??

25 Jan

This summer, Justin McAlpin shocked Ebenezer one Sunday while preaching.  He basically talked about how tough my job is and how he couldn’t BELIEVE the junk I put up with as pastor of EBC.  THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT CHURCH LEAGUE BASKETBALL right now!!

I am thankful for Andrew Parker, who has directed our league for several years now (and played in this same league when he was a kid).  I am thankful for Justin, who faithfully serves as our staff liason to the league and helps Andrew make it happen.  I am most thankful because I don’t have to TOUCH it anymore.  Because I cannot believe the junk that happens!!

The sad part is, many of the problems we have with the league trace back to the same churches every year.  Coaches and parents, getting way too angry with referees and taking it out on our league staff.  Players taking this way too seriously and doing stupid things during and after games.  (Central got beat last night and one of their kids peeled out way too hard on the youth house road out of anger … I can only hope he knocked his front end out of line!!)  (Yeah, okay … BAD DAVID … I said it to myself)

There are several things we must remember:

  • MOST of the participants of this league DO NOT act like this.  Only a few bad apples every year make this a rough experience.
  • This league DOES SERVE a great purpose for fellowship and for recreation.  And I know a TON of people who are grateful it happens.
  • Our battle is not with FLESH AND BLOOD, but with Satan who tries to defeat ANYTHING that builds fellowship in the Kingdom of God.  Yes, Satan even attacks a church basketball league!!

Pray for Andrew, Justin, and this league.  Because it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.  We need to be praying!!

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