Spiritual Warfare

3 Feb

Lately, Ebenezerites have heard me refer to spiritual warfare a great deal.  Some probably think I’ve gone off the deep end, but I remind you spiritual warfare is real, biblical, and happening DAILY all around us.  If you believe Satan is NOT at work attacking God’s church, you are EXACTLY where he wants you to be!!!

Last week, as weekly staff meeting wound down, this topic came up as a prayer request.  Then, like dominoes, it all started:  Every person in that circle brought forward an area in their ministry where there are MAJOR ATTACKS RIGHT NOW!  And we all sat there a little stunned because we had NO IDEA each person in that room had specific attacks going on.  SEVERAL of the attacks were coming from the same source.  And it reminded us we need to PRAY FOR EACH OTHER!!

You can believe this:  I LOVE OUR STAFF AT EBC.  And it pains me greatly when they are hurting.  We had an awesome group therapy session that ended with the reminder that we are called to LOVE ALL and pray God will work and fight these spiritual battles for us!!  Satan wants us to take these things personally and square-off against PEOPLE  instead of recognizing this for what it is:  SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

Sometimes I wonder why good people will allow themselves to be used as pawns in this warfare.  WHENEVER WE FOCUS ON OUR WANTS INSTEAD OF GOD’S WILL, THIS WILL HAPPEN!!!!  Some of us get into the habit of believing God’s will is whatever we want … That’s a dangerous habit.

So, as Paul reminded us, we need to put on the full armor of God and stand in the gap!!  Stand up for each other and ask God to stand for us!!  AND HE WILL!!!!

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