30 Jan

Today, one of the points of the passage we examined in James 2 was not to treat someone who looks wealthy better than someone who looks poor.  Great point for the church to ponder …  But that has NOTHING to do with this blog!!

This morning, in my state of great illness (truth is I probably shouldn’t have preached because I think I am now a flu survivor) a young couple visited from Virginia Beach, VA, with their three small children.  This young couple, Tony and Sally Gerstner, are from Harvey, LA (which is on the Westbank in NOLA).  Sally was one of my youth when she was a kid at Woodmere Baptist Church (and I have every reason to suspect I met Tony when he was a kid, too!!)

They drove down to see us!!  Of course I felt really bad about the fact that I am sick.  We did go out to lunch after church and I kept my distance, but had a great time talking about old times and new stuff, too!!  One of the great rewards of youth ministry is catching up with your kids and seeing what fine adults they’ve become!  And, we got to meet their kids, too, which was awesome!!  Eli (their baby) looks like he is ready to take on the world (and perhaps take it apart!!)  Ian LOOOOOOOVES video games, so he and Drew are now great friends.  And Alexandra (Alex), the princess of the bunch, is PRECIOUS!!!  (If her aunt Erin was writing this, she would comment that Alex takes after her aunt!!)

It was great to spend time with these guys and see where life is taking them and just listen!!  Had circumstances been different, we could’ve spent the entire afternoon together.  But they didn’t want the flu, and I had to come home and pass out, so it is what it is.  But it was GREAT to see them just the same!!

On their way back I told them to stop at South of the Border and let me know what they thought!!  I’m really curious how that went!!!


One Response to “Visitors”

  1. Tony February 1, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    Mr. Dave,

    I truly enjoyed the visit. It was an honor to finally meet you and your family, even if you’re not a fan of the Dukies. The service at EBC was warm, welcoming, and with a great message. Lunch was incredible and the weather was just too good to be true. Although Sally and I weren’t able to stay longer Sunday, we both left with a huge sense of satisfation and warm hearts. You guys really made our day. I hope you feel better and I’ll check in with you from time to time while I’m in Africa.



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