28 Mar

Yesterday meant more to me than most of you will ever know!!! Because NOT being at EBC on Sundays STINKS! I’m thankful the doc loosened my leash a little, and I understand why he has it so tight too!

When we got home yesterday, my left arm had swollen in the cast. The only cure for that is sitting still and resting it on a pillow. So that is what I did. But even that was sooo worth being at EBC!!

The only thing I didn’t like about yesterday was my inability to shake hands. Of course, when you realize it would be with 500 people across both services, it makes sense not to for the next couple of weeks. That will come when the time is right!

One more thing: I was so overwhelmed with it all, I forgot to say a word about how thankful we are for all the prayers, the cards, and the meals!!! And we are!! A little known fact about us is that Diana is the better cook, but I actually cook supper most of the time! With all she has on her plate, this has really helped! And we are grateful!!!

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