I have decided

26 Mar

Last night I started thinking too much about some things. No point in going into detail, but let’s just say it was a real downer. The icing on the cake was the thought that I will never dribble a basketball again with my left hand.

Ok, some of you think that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written … And that is really saying something, because I’ve written some real odd things on this blog. But hear me out on this.

My old friends know exactly what this means. Because there was a time when I ate, drank, slept, LIVED basketball. And that would be a depressing thought.

So, I’ve decided not to accept that. Write it down, I WILL dribble a basketball again. It’s now one of my goals!!! No matter how bleak this left elbow situation looks, it will happen! Again, WRITE IT DOWN!

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