Remaining Relevant as a church

1 Mar

Much has been written, much has been said about remaining relevant as the local church.  Every church should strive towards relevance.  Some churches take great offense at the thought that they might not be relevant … still, other churches make part of their mantra the “fact” that traditional churches are NO LONGER relevant and all should flock to their brand of fun.  NEITHER OF THESE ARE BUILDING THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  (The kingdom is made up of all churches that seek to serve Him … look it up if you don’t believe me!!)

So, every church should be involved in the search for relevance.  Where will that search take us??  Worship styles?  The latest technologies?  A sharp-looking hologram machine that projects the pastor everywhere he wants to go and be so he can deliver a message from God in stunning 3D clarity … (OOOO, OOOO, one of those for Ebenezer, please!!!!!)

I could keep on writing and writing, but as usual will get to the point:  The search to remain relevant will ALWAYS LEAD to the feet of God.  EVERY CHURCH that seeks to obey Him totally and completely WILL REMAIN RELEVANT.  And WILL BUILD THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  And WILL FULFILL THE GREAT COMMISSION.  And that is my vision and desire for Ebenezer, because I believe that is GOD’S VISION AND DESIRE FOR EBC.

And the only way EBC will do this is if the PEOPLE that make up EBC DO IT!!!!  You see where this is heading??  And the same rule applies to ANY CHURCH.  Think about it!!!!

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