Some Big Decisions coming

2 Mar

Just after my last update on Dad, the game changed … significantly.  Dad had a recheck with his neurosurgeon and now there is a discussion about putting the shunt BACK IN.  WOW!

A little over a year ago, the same doctor and I had a discussion about why the shunt COULD NOT go back in.  His subdural hemotomas were a result of the shunt, one of the unknown side effects of putting it in.  The doctor told me then if we put it back in and Dad had another episode like this, it would most assuredly kill him.  Now we are talking about putting it in????

Wow, I’m confused.  And I’m asking friends to pray for us to have wisdom.  And we are seeking a second opinion.  Please pray for Mom and Dad.  If this is the right thing, we’ll do it … but I’m going to be from Missouri on this one.

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