Dad is in the miracle zone

25 Apr

Anyone that knows me well knows I’ve been going to Easley almost every other week since Christmas 2009 when Dad’s health took a significant turn for the worse.  In the past few months I’d noticed Dad on a down-swing, seemingly getting worse every time I called or visited.  And then … the Great Fall of 2011 occurred.  And what has happened with Dad is unexplainable.

I’ve talked to Mom and Dad every day since December 2009.  And that holds true, even through my misfortunate accident.  One thing I’ve noticed has been a real clarity when talking to him.  No decline … no great improvement … just steady.  And steady is good!  I finally got to go to Easley this weekend.  We had a great visit (albeit a short one) and I confirmed with my eyes what I’d been hearing on the phone … Dad is doing okay right now!!

There is one viable explanation for all of this:  It’s a miracle!!  And that, friends, is what it is!

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