Is that your real hand???

26 Apr

Therapy is moving along … Right shoulder is now one focus, trying to increase flexibility and strength.  And I’m shocked how much I’ve lost!!

Lefty is now moving some, but swelling in the hand continues to be a problem.  Two weeks ago, the doc said he was ordering therapy to supply a compression glove to help with swelling.  The folks at Progressive PT have been great, but needed more detail.  Unfortunately, we’ve learned there is a bottleneck of info at the doc’s office … So the dance began.

Yesterday, since arm swelling has decreased, I needed to have my brace adjusted.  While at Palmetto Prosthetics, we discovered they have gloves, so Diana got on the phone and finished this two week quest … And I have a glove!!!

So, last night I saw my adopted daughter … to protect her identity, let’s call her Pristina Klunkett.  She took one look and asked, “Is that your REAL hand??”

If anyone  asks that today, my answer will be, “No, mine’s in the shop.  This is a loaner!!”

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