Late Night Fun

29 Jul

Yes, we had some fun around the Chadwick subdivision last night …. So much, I didn’t sleep from all the activity!!  For Diana and me, it all started as I took Roma out for one last walk before we went to bed around 11pm.  As I walked off the front porch, I saw someone walk around Diana’s van and stare me down.  I asked “What are yall doing over there?” and immediately realized exactly WHAT they were doing.  I ran back to the front door and called Diana … They ran up the street.

We hopped in the car and saw Russ Watson walking Bruiser.  Russ saw them trying to break into Diana’s door and told me where he saw the run.  We traced their trail but they were gone.  Now, the FIRST thing we did was call 911, as we were backing the car out of the driveway.  The Florence County Sheriffs Office had TWO cars in the neighborhood within 5 minutes.

After we told them where they’d been seen, the deputies started doing their job.  Long story short, within 25 minutes they had the two minors in the back of the car. Apparently they were walking through Chadwick on their way home from the McLeod Park Skateboard Park and decided to give “breaking into cars” a try.

I know every neighborhood has problems like this from time to time.  I remember a few years ago when this was rampant in Hampton Pointe.  And in the ten years we’ve lived in Chadwick, we’ve only had ONE car break-in.  Of course, I’m not counting last night because they didn’t get in.  All they succeeded in doing was putting a scratch on our passenger door.

I am thankful for the Florence County Sheriff’s Office and the quick job they did last night of finding those kids.  And I pray that maybe last night was an ending (instead of a beginning) of a criminal career.

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