Remaining in Him

4 Aug

It boggles my mind … I guess it’s human nature.  But I don’t see how anyone can claim the promises of God while walking away from Him and everything He is about.  To use God’s word as a smoke-screen, covering sin, is an abomination before Him.  And yet, it happens every day.

In John 15, Jesus reminded us that HE is the vine and WE are the branches.  He challenged His disciples to remain in Him and in His word … to love each other with the kind of love God has for us … and to obey His commands.  If we do these things, our lives will bear fruit that glorifies God.  And Jesus reminded us to not think this is something we can do under our own power.  Just like the branches, we MUST REMAIN ATTACHED TO THE VINE.

You can front on Facebook, Twitter, in real life and fool the entire world with your double-life.  You cannot fool God and you cannot fake the fruit that glorifies Him.  End of story.

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