ANOTHER way God has worked in this …

24 Aug

Have you Ebenezerites ever stopped to realize that I did my first funeral last week since before March 3 (the day that will live in infamy)?!  In other words, we, a church with close to 1,400 members didn’t have a death in our church family for OVER FIVE MONTHS!!!!!

Why??  (Insert your own speculations here)

I believe it is because God has watched over us during my injury and recovery.  I really believe this was not luck or coincidence … God watched over us giving me time to recover.  And I always believe we should give credit where credit is due, so here goes:  GOD, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!  ALL THE TIME!!!

(I did have my visit with a new friend from New Jersey today.  He was at the beach with his family and stumbled on the tennis court and injured BOTH of his elbows the way I injured my left.  His name is Kenneth.  Pray for him as he has a long hard road ahead of him!!!  And I thank God I could go in and talk to him about this in a way that perhaps no other minister could …  God DOES take the bad things that happen to us and use them for GOOD, for HIS purposes!!!!)

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