Recognizing the enemy

31 Aug

I believe Satan is real. I believe he is on the prowl at Ebenezer, because there is revival in the air!!  I believe he wants to tear this church to shreds and would do ANYTHING to stop the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  And I believe I could help him do this if I’m not careful.

WHATTTTT??????  Did the Senior Pastor of Ebenezer just write that???  Yes I did.  Not that I am an agent of the devil or anything, but I know that I must be careful.  Because he is looking for a weakness to work in. And I don’t want to be that weakness.

I write this to tell you the best way we can ALL make sure he is not at work at our church (or ANY church) is to make sure I’m not giving him any room in my life to maneuver.  To make sure I’m not saying or doing things that open any doors for him to work.  And why do I have to guard against this??  Because, like you, I am HUMAN.  I make mistakes.  The best thing I can do for ME, for EBENEZER, and for the KINGDOM OF GOD is make sure EVERYTHING I DO and SAY is Spirit-led!!!  (And THAT is easier said than done!)

And that is the best thing YOU can do, too!!  If we are ALL on our guard to live Spirit-filled lives, the enemy won’t have any room to maneuver.  And he will have to move on.  But, we must be vigilant about being Spirit-filled, because Satan never really leaves us alone for long …

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