A thought for Pastors (and for all)

17 Sep

I just had a great breakfast with Tom Blackaby … One on one.  A chance to talk about everything in the world, and to talk about nothing.  We did both!

At one point, he told me a story that I will roughly quote: “Once, at a preaching conference, there were four speakers on the agenda for an evening.  The first three spoke and each went overtime.  The third, who was a preaching professor at a seminary/college, eloquently spoke and upon his finish left the podium to a standing ovation.  The fourth man stood, knowing things were way overtime, and shared the word God gave him.  He left the podium with half of the room on their knees before the Lord.”

Which pastor would you rather be???

One of the things I like about Tom is there are many similarities between us, about which I had no idea until we spent some time together this weekend.  And I know when he shares, he is sharing what God put on his heart to share.  I’m thankful for men and women who follow the Holy Spirit and trust Him.  God can do much with disciples like that!!  Lord, make ME a disciple like that!

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