The Next Move is YOURS

19 Sep

Today is the first day we discover whether or not this weekend has any impact on Ebenezer.  We spent time this weekend with two icons of worship and understanding God’s word … You can’t get too many people to lead a revival better than these two.  I am thankful I got to spend some time getting to know them more … I had breakfast with Tom on Saturday and God reinforced a few things, mainly that people are people no matter where you are on this Big Blue Marble. Tom told stories about pastoring that sounded just like he’d been here looking over my shoulder!!  The time I spent with these guys was special, and I won’t soon forget any of it!

But even THAT wasn’t what this weekend was all about … We seek to build God’s kingdom, to live obedient lives to HIM!!  HOW will we do this??  WHEN will we get started??  WHERE will it begin for us??

All we can do is open our eyes, look for where God is at work, and JOIN HIM!!  And that is up to you!  The next move is YOURS!!  Will you have the courage to make it?

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