Top Ten Things I liked about this weekend

19 Sep

Our staff and most of our church spent the entire weekend here on campus for our Family Worship Weekend.  Yes, by any other name this is a REVIVAL!!  (Not because it was a series of meetings, but because it has renewed our hearts)  SO … here are the top ten things I loved about it:

10.  Tom Blackaby’s accent … Canadian!!  (Tom protests he was born in California, but c’mon … I’ve never heard a Californian talk that THAT, eh!)

9.  Jeff Slaughter’s accent … MISSISSIPPI!!  Yeah, I know Justin is from Mississippi … but he doesn’t talk like THAT!

8. I met folks from Camden and from FLORIDA that came up for this weekend!!

7.  Jimmy Norton tried to take Tom and Jeff clubbing on Thursday night … It’s just not a visit to Ebenezer unless you get to spend time with Jimmy Norton!!!!

6.  I got to see Harry Freeman dance … err, wait a minute. We’re Baptists.  Ok, I got to see Harry Freeman do “interpretive movement” on stage Friday night!!!

5.  Thanks to the kindness of Tamara and Jimmy, I got to have one of Wendy Frazier’s lemon squares.  Really had nothing to do with the revival, but it WAS a high point of the weekend!!


3.  Spending time with these guys that led us was one of my all-time favorite parts!!  I had breakfast with Tom on Saturday … with this world-renown speaker, author, and theologian … And we talked about our kids, sports, and stuff!!  Yeah, we talked shop some, too, but it was nice just to hang out with someone who has walked where I walk!!   And, as far as spending time with Jeff goes, it’s always fun to talk to that dude!!  One of the things I love about both of those guys is they are the same, no matter where you encounter them.  No huge egos … Just regular guys who thirst to serve God!!

2.YOU SHOWED UP, EBENEZER!!  Okay, everyone didn’t.  But MANY OF YOU DID!  And, as an added bonus, God changed our hearts for the better!!  Those that missed it really missed something special!

1.  I KNOW the Holy Spirit was at work in this.  In every way.  From the inception of this idea until the last prayer was prayed!!  Several folks have commented to me “Man, you must’ve told Tom a bunch about Ebenezer!!”  Not true!  We did give Tom and Jeff a “lay of the land” about our church, but the Holy Spirit was CLEARLY talking through them this weekend.  Here’s a hint:  Where Jeff and Tom do not constantly watch over us, the Holy Spirit DOES and He knows EVERYTHING that goes on around this place!!!!!

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