Managing God

26 Sep

What a dangerous title and thought!!  How could we EVER manage God Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of all that exists!!  Author of our Salvation!!  And, yet, we try to do even worse things to Him.

Yesterday I referred to events in I Samuel, chapters 4 – 7 concerning the Children of Israel, the Ark of the Covenant, and a really bad plan.  It seems Israel decided to go to war against the Philistines.  When that didn’t go well, they decided to take the Ark of the Covenant, because it was POWERFUL.  It had always dispelled their foes before.  That battle brought great devastation on them, and they lost the Ark!!

Why??  Because they planned it and tried to invoke God’s power into their plan!  He hadn’t told them to go to war in the first place, and He DEFINITELY didn’t tell them to take the Ark!!

They were without the Ark for 20 years.  God didn’t give it back to them until they had purged themselves of their idols and false gods, and realized that without Him, they could do nothing!

EVERYTIME we try to manage God, to invoke His power into our schemes and plans, we are setting ourselves up for miserable failure and a lesson to be learned:  We cannot manage God and shouldn’t EVER dare to try!!!

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