A Great War is Waging

27 Sep

There is a great war waging right now in a variety of locations around the world.  One that might seem insignificant is waging in Florence, SC, as we speak.  It is not a conventional battle, but one on spiritual realms.  For Ebenezer Baptist Church.

God is taking hold of His church in a mighty way and Satan doesn’t like it!!  And he is doing everything he can do to pull us away from God and away from each other.  He will use pride, greed, power, envy, rage, and everything else we will allow him to use to accomplish this mission.  Satan loves to inhabit the conflict of God’s people and he wants to do a real number on us right now.  We must not allow him!!

I sit back and watch and it just makes me hurt.  I’ve seen Ed, Justin, Pam, and Andi under attack.  I’ve watched dear friends of mine come under attack.  I’ve seen this church under attack.  And I’ve been hit by too many flaming darts myself.  The time is NOW church for us to PRAY FOR EACH OTHER!!  Dig into God’s word, put on the full armor of God, and DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!!

Specifically, do not allow Satan to have any strongholds in your life.  If we all would do this and get back to loving each other, this entire world would change!!!  All starting from an “insignificant spot” on the globe called Ebenezer …

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