Accentuate the Postive

29 Sep

There’s a lot to be said for focusing on the positive and moving ahead.  Tommy Dowling, a local leadership guru and church consultant, always reminds me to put energy into the positives!!  We can focus so much on the negatives we forget to nourish and cultivate the positives.  That won’t work in a local church (and it doesn’t work well in ANY business).

Satan gives us plenty of negatives on which we could focus.  And he wants us to do just that!!  I do believe it’s important to listen to criticism and take an honest look at it.  But we cannot bog down in it, just like we cannot ride the wave of praise!!  Truth is, we need to focus on the Holy Spirit and His leadership in EVERYTHING WE DO IN THE CHURCH.  If we do this, He will put the positives and negatives in the proper perspective, in the proper place.

Henry Blackaby reminded us in Experiencing God to discipline ourselves to “find God where He is at work in our lives AND JOIN HIM!!!”  Here’s a challenge for you to do that today!

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