Bailey’s Rules

28 Nov









It’s all about HER!!  Bailey is a four-month-old puppy we rescued in August.  We believe she is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Poodle.  She belongs to Krissy and normally lives with her in Clemson.  However, since final exams are coming up, she came home with us at Thanksgiving.  She has used this weekend to teach us her rules.  She wants me to post about them, so here goes!!!

1.  It’s all about BAILEY.  All the time.  Every day.

2.  Bailey is fast as lightening.  If you don’t believe her, just TRY to catch her when you really need to.

3.  If Krissy is in the room, she is the most important.  If not, Drew is next.  If not, then David (me).  If not, then Diana.  UNLESS one of the above has food, then they automatically become most important.

4.  When she is excited, she WILL jump in your lap and bite your ear.

5.  She doesn’t like it when ANYONE leaves the room.  She REALLY doesn’t like it when anyone leaves the HOUSE!!

6.  Her relationship with Ralphie, the stuffed lion, is her business.  Don’t ask, don’t tell (that one is for Suzy).

7.  When she goes to the bathroom outside, she DOES expect a treat.  You’d better provide … or you’ll be sorry!

8.  If you enter a bedroom and wake her up, you will endure a little wrath.

9.  She believes herself to be as big as a full-grown labrador retriever and WILL charge a big dog if necessary.  (She weighed 1 pound when we got her, and actually weighs 5 pounds now)

10.  She can change the rules at any time without previous notice.  After all, it is ALL ABOUT HER … all the time!!

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