An Update from the Doctor … Released!!! (Kind of)

1 Dec

Yes, I went for a recheck with Dr Mezzanotte today.  First time I’d been in his office since August I think … He checked me over and basically said “Until you start having pain, there’s really nothing else we can do!”

Good news!!  RIGHT??

I don’t like pain.  Haven’t had a lot of it to be honest.  He estimates I am bending now between 45 degrees and 110 (We thought I’d never be able to go past 60 – 90).  He feels that until there is pain, we can rock along!

He again told me he never imagined I would’ve recovered as well as I have.  Honestly, I didn’t either.  And God gets all of the glory for it.  HE really IS the reason!!  There still could be surgery way, wayyyyyy down the road.  But until I start experiencing pain, we are good to go for a while.

Thank you, God!!!

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