We got played

2 Dec

We all (Clemson and Carolina fans) need to step away and realize something about this last exchange in the press:  WE ALL GOT PLAYED.  By SOCIAL MEDIA.

Spurrier didn’t actually say what was attributed to him, but the official twitter account of USC Football attributed it to him SUNDAY and just retracted it LAST NIGHT. Then, Dabo prefaced his comments with his not being sure if Spurrier really said this or not. But the Clemson and Carolina fans left those two details out and went at it. Again.

Yeah, I’m kind sick of it, too. From both sides. And this morning, after seeing all the facts for myself, I think we ALL got played.

I am starting to believe all this rivalry JUNK is really a guise for Satan finding another way to get in between Christian people. I think we all need to rethink this folks!!

You can agree, disagree, or insult me if you’d like.  Whatever you need to do.  But we really were played.  And most of us walked right into it.

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