The Gospel according to … YOU??

19 Dec

Last night in worship, we looked at the Prologue to the Gospel of John and the first few verses of I John.  Both passages are very similar, and in them John makes a couple of strong points:  He was only sharing what he KNEW TO BE TRUE.  From FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE.  And, he shared that Jesus Christ IS THE SON OF GOD.  IS ETERNAL.  IS THE AGENT OF CREATION.  (The list goes on and on).

But, what we explored last night was the idea that John knew the obligation he had to share what he knew.  Have we shared what we know to be true about Christ with the world??  Even with our families?  What if all the books were destroyed and all that was left to lead our families to His throne was what we wrote because we know it to be true?  In other words, if you wrote all that you KNOW to be true about God down in a book, how would it  read?

It’s a compelling thought.  What do I KNOW to be true about Christ?  Do I share it with those I love?  This Christmas season, you can give those you love the greatest gift of all … tell them what you KNOW to be true about God!!!

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