23 Dec

I’ve been hesitant to write this.  But it is really churning around in my heart and mind, so I guess I cannot escape it any more.  I see something really dangerous on the horizon for the Body of Christ, and I know I will take heat for writing this.  But I cannot run from it anymore.

Reshaping.  Remolding.  Allowing our hearts and minds to evolve (or devolve) into a place that is comfortable for us, yet dangerous for the Kingdom of God.  And  I see it running rampant right now in America.

When we reshape God into something that fits our lives comfortably, we are headed down a DEVASTATING ROAD.  Yet it happens every day and Christians, people who are supposed to know better, are flocking to it.  Because it is easier to reshape and fall into the massive vision of a God who is 50% less filling than it is to walk the narrow path.  Jesus warned us that the wide path would be the easier path to walk, and many would head down that path.  And it would lead to destruction.  He also told us that the path to Him would be narrow and difficult, but it would lead to eternal life.  And now I see churches and even people I love and respect headed down that wide, easy path.  And when I dare to say anything I am labeled as “crazy,” or “jealous,” or a variety of things I haven’t even heard.

I agree that feels very NATURAL for us to seek comfort in our relationship with God, so it doesn’t surprise me that so many are doing this.  And, even though I have a Master of Divinity and an earned doctorate, I don’t consider myself a renowned  theologian … but even I can see from God’s word that a relationship with Him WILL CHALLENGE US, and it WILL CONFRONT US about our sin AND about our OBEDIENCE, and it WILL BE UNCOMFORTABLE at times.  The very nature of the Gospel is confrontational and compels me to strive towards living a Romans 12 life.  And that is neither easy nor comfortable.

I am hoping and praying today that we will all wake up.  Will you join me??

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