23 Jan

That is how I feel this weekend … Raw.  I don’t write that to elicit pity, or any other kind of response really.  But that IS how it feels right now.  (LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR:  Don’t worry about ME.  I’ll be fine.  PRAY FOR THESE FAMILIES PLEASE!!!)

Funerals are like novacaine.  They numb me a little.  And for the past couple of weeks, I’ve done / attended too many.  This weekend I had two very different funerals:  A huge, community-wide funeral for Philip Kennedy and a small, private, family funeral for Don Belcher.  I consider both men to be friends … So this weekend, I had too much novacaine.

I pray for the families of these, and others who’ve lost loved ones in the past few weeks:  the Singletarys, the Watfords, the Smiths, the Carrolls.  We as Christians have some understanding of what happens after death because Jesus TOLD us.  But that doesn’t stop us from missing those we love.  The void has to heal best it can.

So, we as a church spring into action and help in any way we can.  And in EVERY one of these situations, I’ve watched you, Ebenezer.  And you are doing the Kingdom of God PROUD!!

Let’s pray for healing for each other this week … and especially for these families!!!  Love you guys!!

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