Wanted: Six Soldiers

24 Jan

Why am I so chippy right now?? That’s what SIX funerals (I didn’t do two of them, but they affect me in personal ways) will do to you in a little over two weeks.  Thankfully, they were all disciples of Christ, so I will see them all again!  And all of them had a unique impact on the kingdom:

One of them was a caretaker.  Ironically, she took care of everyone but never wanted ANYONE to fuss over her.  I accidentally caught her in the hospital once … She wasn’t angry that I didn’t use my ESP to know she was in the hospital.  In fact, she told me she’d purposefully hidden it from me because she knew I had too much to do.  She will be missed.

Then there was a friend who did not attend our church, but much of her family does.  She was at death’s door six weeks ago and then God brought her back.  And she used her last three weeks to point her family to Him, praising Him and sharing her faith in Him.  They had one more Christmas and heard much about what God had done for her in life.  She will be missed.

Then there was a man who used to attend EBC.  He was a real friend to me.  Had been since I came here almost 17 years ago.  He and I shared a great love for UNC Basketball.  The last time I visited him in the hospital, he had the best quote:  “People pick on me about UNC turning the ball over so much in the past couple of years.  I just tell them ‘it’s hard to dribble the ball with all those championship rings on your fingers.'”  He had a great faith, attributing his mother for teaching him all about Jesus.  I loved that guy, as does his family.  He will be missed.

Then there was a lady who was best friends with the first one I described in this post.  She was unique … She taught piano to half of Florence County.  She served Ebenezer for YEARS and had the unique role of serving a sister church down the road too… at the SAME TIME!!  It’s rare that you can make a difference in two churches at the same time, but that’s exactly what she did.  In a tremendous way.  She will be missed.

Then there was this man who was a friend.  He and I had a lot in common in the realm of HVAC.  He worked to make sure people had what they needed.  He was a worker bee, and a great one.  Shared his faith with his actions.  And it is hard to let him go.  He will be missed.

THEN … there was this man who, to say he was my friend would be a gross misstatement.  He took on the role of guardian angel for me and for the rest of the staff at EBC.  He was a worker, a helper who liked to do his good deeds in secret (as Jesus said they should be).  He did so much at EBC on a regular basis I would break this blog if I listed it all.  I still cannot imagine EBC without him.  He will be missed.

So, by my count, that would be SIX.  SIX soldiers who have marched on to their reward.  And I am praying God will raise up faithful people to continue their callings!!

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