What it was all about

13 Feb


Those are what our four week emphasis on financial freedom was all about.  And too many of you thought it was all about money …

For the most part, people HATE it when preachers preach about money.  And, honestly, I don’t know too many pastors who LOVE to preach about it.  But that is really NOT what it is all about.  If you looked deeper than the surface on this one, it is about OBEDIENCE.  It is about having the right relationship with God, which puts EVERYTHING ELSE in our lives into the proper perspective.  If we see God where He rightfully is, NOTHING ELSE COULD POSSIBLY BE ABOVE HIM.  Not the plans we have for ourselves.  Not the ideas we have about money and stuff.  Nothing.

My prayer for Ebenezer is that we will all put God where He rightfully belongs in our lives.  And if we seek Him first, seek His kingdom and His righteousness first, all the other things will be added in the right places in life.  And that is a promise from Jesus Himself!!

If you missed any of the four-sermon series, you may find the entire thing HERE:


Just begin with God’s Ownership and work your way forward!!

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