Day One of the Mega Journey in the books

16 Feb

Why is it a mega-journey??  We’ve never tried to do anything remotely like this with Dad since he’s been in the wheelchair.  And, all things considered, the folks at US Air earned their money yesterday!! They basically transferred Dad from his wheelchair to a rolling stool and rolled him in and out of the plane.  Dad really wasn’t able to help much with the transfer … But between the US Air guys and Drew, we made it happen.

So, now I sit in one of THREE different hotels I’ll be in for this trip.  We make our way to Del Rio in a few hours and the graduation festivities begin today.  Informal stuff today, formal stuff tomorrow.  Hoping Mom and Dad are up to this!!

One Response to “Day One of the Mega Journey in the books”

  1. Linda B February 16, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    Sending positive thoughts and lots of prayers as you journey west young man. Just be sure your mom and dad get enough rest and they should be fine.

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