Day Three

18 Feb

Yesterday was the formal graduation.  We went to the base early, to the Rudolph Anderson Hall … (Rudolph Anderson was a U-2 pilot shot down during the Cold War.  He was also a native of Greenville, SC!!)  There, Jake won three awards:  Highest scores in the pilot aspect of training, best officer, and he was one of two distinguished graduates.  I smell a career if he wants it.

Afterward, we went out to the flight line where my sister and her ex pinned his wings on him.  We took tons of pictures and we were done!!  FOR THE DAY!!  And it was 1pm!  There was a formal dinner last night, but my sister knew better than to let my dad (or ME for that matter) attend … No Clampetts allowed!!  We had lunch so late that mom and dad didn’t want to go anywhere last night.  I went to Wendy’s drive-thru at their request.  So, that left Diana and me to explore the nightlife of Del Rio!

Off we drove, into the wild dark yonder, driving fast through the terrain …  And wishing the van was armored.  Remember, we are about 1.5 miles from the border.  The hotel clerk recommended a place for my trusty iPhone took us there.  No dice.  Had Diana allowed me to bring my gun, maybe … but no dice without it.  We then hit the Urban Spoon app on my iPhone and found a place that got good reviews and high ratings.  But it was off the beaten path …

Ponchos!  It was a family owned and operated restaurant.  (Do NOT confuse this with the chain in New Orleans and other cities that is an all-you-can-eat Mexican place.  DEFINITELY NOT that one!!)  This restaurant was the authentic Tex-Mex we’ve been looking for.  And I think Mexican food is now ruined for me …  It was THAT good!!

Today, we drive back to San Antonio and basically wait on our flight tomorrow …  Would love to see the Alamo and Riverwalk.  Gonna try!!


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