Day Two

17 Feb

We got up yesterday and immediately set out for Del Rio, which was almost a 3 hour drive from San Antonio.  I drove on yet ANOTHER segment of US-90, which runs from Florida to Japan (probably) and is the road New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is on.

This segment of 90 is kind of barren and brushy.  Texans have assured me this is NOT a good sampling of what Texas really looks like.  I write this to you now about 1.5 miles from the Mexican border.  This is an interesting place, to say the least.

On the drive down there were two fascinating road signs.  One of them said “Welcome to Hondo, Texas. This is God’s country.  Don’t drive like hell through it!”  The other, in the middle of nowhere, said: “Do Not pick up hitchhikers … They are escaping inmates.”  It was a serious sign and a sobering reminder we were driving past a prison …

Anyway, Drew and I got to go spend some time in a couple of simulators.  I’ve got to say the USAF has the COOLEST COMPUTERS!!!  Then we all attended a “Retiring of the Colors” ceremony.  There I had an unexpected surprise:  I had to remind Dad that he is unable to stand when decorum would require standing out of respect for the American Flag.  He understood.  When they played “Retreat” and then the National Anthem, Dad sat up as straight as he could and held a salute the entire time.  I really wish I could’ve taken a picture, but I refuse to disrespect our flag like that.  But it was a special moment, and one I won’t forget.

After a reception at the Officer’s Club and most of us going to a restaurant in town (I came all the way to Del Rio, TX to eat at CHILI’S!!!), the day was over and we all collapsed in bed.  The end!

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