Forgiveness and Obedience

22 Feb

“When we fail to forgive, we are merely placing ourselves in a prison of our own pain.  And the one we haven’t forgiven probably doesn’t even know it …”

That is roughly the quote I heard this weekend as we were away on our excellent adventure to Del Rio.  It’s true and it’s sad.  And it’s a matter of disobedience to God.

Jesus said if we forgive others, our Father will forgive us! And if we do NOT forgive, our Father will not forgive us! (Matt 6:14-15)   He told us not to judge and not to condemn.  To forgive, and we will be forgiven!  (Luke 6:37)

Do you think forgiveness is an issue of obedience??  Jesus is clear!  But it’s hard when we feel we’ve been wronged.  We’ve all felt this way.  And, honestly, we’ve all wronged someone else.  That is a fact of life.

So, the bottom line is this:  Are you going to obey God, or not??  You say, “It’s not that easy.  It’s more complicated than this.”  Jesus says, “Yes, so was the cross.”

What will YOU do with His words?

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