Building vs tearing down

23 Feb

One of the great temptations that face each of us is a huge matter of pride … to build monuments to OURSELVES!!  It is a great temptation for every person, and church leaders / pastors are not immune from this trap.

We, as the New Testament church, have to constantly evaluate everything we do against God’s word.  EVERYTHING we do needs to point to Him … NOT to us!  If we are being honest with His word, we will build the kingdom and even build up others who are seeking to do the same.  Even if they are not part of our local church!

When we use our words to tear other people down and/or other churches, we are damaging the kingdom and not glorifying Him at all.  Yes, even if we think it is in the name of building our own church up.  Remember:  There are false prophets and even pseudo-churches out there.  There are counterfeits.  And the best thing we can do for the kingdom (and for the lost that are seeking Christ) is BE THE CHURCH GOD CALLED US TO BE.  And allow HIM to sort all of those things out.  He doesn’t need our help in this one!!  He just calls us to BE THE REAL THING.  Don’t allow yourself to be pulled down into the games people play!!

Pray that YOU, no matter what church you call home, will be an agent set on building His kingdom and not tearing it down.  And if we all do that, He WILL be glorified and His kingdom WILL grow stronger .. because HIS people are being obedient!!

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