There for the Show or Ready to GO??

28 Feb


Sometimes I wonder what God really thinks of us.  Day in and day out I (along with the rest of Ebenezer’s staff) live, eat, breath, walk, and talk Ebenezer.  It’s in our blood … And we love this church, so it’s not a difficult thing to do.  I will also be the first to admit that none of us are perfect … We all make mistakes from time to time.  I probably make more than my fair share.  I should also admit that I am not qualified to judge anyone … I have plenty of planks in my eyes.  Kind of hard to see the splinters in others.

Sometimes it’s easy to see the fruit in the lives of others, though.  It’s not hard to see when someone is totally sold out to God.  When they believe in His will and follow it as closely as they can.  Sunday night when he shared a testimony in worship, Olin Bullock referred to “giants” in God’s kingdom, many of whom have walked the halls at Ebenezer.  I know some of those giants, too!!  People who believe it and live it.  They bless me!!

One that I won’t name told me recently God convicted him to do more and be more for His kingdom … I look at this friend, this much older man, and wonder how he could possibly be more of an ambassador for God??  This dude is a GIANT!!

When I see and hear faith like that, it makes me ask myself “DID YOU SHOW UP TO BE SEEN, OR TO SEE GOD???”  There is a great fellowship factor at Ebenezer.  Most churches have that factor as well.  But there is more to being the church than just being together!!  Being the church really means BEING TOGETHER AND FOLLOWING HIM.  TOGETHER.  INDIVIDUALLY.  EVERY WAY YOU SLICE IT.

I wish we would all honestly ask ourselves EVERY Sunday, “Did I show up to be seen, or to see God?”  I wish we were ALL HERE and giving God a place of honor EVERY SUNDAY.  And I hope and pray we will ALL be able to answer “TO SEE GOD!!”

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