To Wonder About …

29 Feb

I’ve got this little brother in Christ who serves abroad … He told a story recently about his adventures on the mission field that really touched me.

You see, he is still learning a language and working hard at it, yet God uses him in mighty and awesome ways already.  He told a story about the Holy Spirit leading him to someone and how he and a friend shared the Good News with this guy … And, towards the end of the hour-long conversation, God spoke to him in the language he was learning.  (He ended this communique with a prayer request to help him learn the language more, so I see God’s sense of humor in the fact that he spoke to my bro in this language!!)  The words God shared with my friend meant “to wonder about …”  God was telling him that this guy was going to wonder about God more.  To give him a New Testament.

It just got me thinking today:  Here is this young man from the US in a foreign land … still picking up the language … and he is not only not ashamed to share, he is willing to do it in a language that he has not mastered.  No fear … no embarassment … just obedience.  And that is AWESOME!!

You’ll noticed I purposefully haven’t named him.  But God knows who he is.  And many of you might know him, too!!  But I gotta look out for my little bro’s safety.  But if you get a moment, pray for him today!!!

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