Personal preference

6 Mar

In praying through this idea that we, the church, are called to be a hospital ship instead of a “Love Boat,” there is one big, glaring detail we cannot deny:  We’ve become more like love boats because we’ve built our churches around personal preference and comfort.  Our programs, our decor, everything about us is centered around what we want and what we prefer …

Even in our actions, programs, and habits.  We really are called to reach the wounded.  In order to do that, we need to move beyond what we want and what we think “should be” and start asking God what He wants.  IN EVERYTHING.  We say our purpose is to worship Him, that we exist for His pleasure.  To serve Him.  To build His kingdom.  And to make this transition, we MUST make it all about Him.

He must increase, and we must decrease in this equation if it is ever to work!!

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