Remember where you were …

30 Apr

I discovered something this weekend.  Something I do not like, yet it will possibly be a fact of life for me for the rest of my days:  If Diana sits on my left side in church, I cannot put my arm around here.  It’s amazing that it took over a year to discover that, but one of those little things no one ever thinks about is the fact that I RARELY am able to sit with her in church!

But, don’t get me wrong here … I am THANKFUL for where things are right now.  Because I remember where they were not too long ago.  I remember going to an FLT production of “Into the Woods” some time last spring or summer.  I was still hyped up on medication and I remember having to take my little pillow into the theater with me (because there was a day when I thought I would never be able to sit around without my left forearm propped up).  But that no longer seems to be an issue, and I will test that theory tomorrow evening as I attend “Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming” at the FLT and make sure Diana sits on my RIGHT side!!

It’s true, I still cannot straighten my arm out.  I tried on a sportscoat not too long ago that was two sizes larger than I normally wear and it STILL doesn’t hang right.  Doesn’t look right.  It makes me look like more of a Picasso than I really am!  And almost 14 months have passed and there are still many things I am unable to do.  But when I remember where I was this time last year, I see how far God has brought me.  He has been really good to me and this injury and recovery could’ve been much worse.

And, every week I find myself doing things I thought impossible last year.  And that, my friends, is why I am thankful.  God is good ALL THE TIME!!

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