It’s funny, but it’s not

3 May

This is the first time I’ve sat still today. This has been an exponentially bad week about which I cannot blog. But rest assured this week WILL make it into my book.

This week I’ve walked down a difficult and familiar road with a good friend. And I’ve seen the mercy and grace of Christ pour out of him and his son like a flood.

God knew I needed to see that this week. I’ve walked this road with many families and it is a difficult road. When I see a family in one of the lowest places in life and they are sharing His light it reminds me of why we are here. It reminds me of what a church really should be. And I really needed that this week.

If we walk in His light we will reflect that light. Even in the darkest days, His light shines like a bright beacon. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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