Cinco de Mayo

5 May

Popular opinion believes this is celebrated date of Mexican independence … but we Wikes celebrate it for another reason.   (By the way … after writing this, I learned this is NOT Independence day for Mexico, which is Sept 16.  It is the date of the victory of the Battle at Pueblo!!)

But, we Wikes celebrate because TODAY is Drew’s birthday!!  Today, my son turns 17 years old.  And I cannot believe it.

I still, quite vividly, remember the very day he was born in Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans.  Two weeks before graduation from seminary.  Four weeks before we loaded up everything we owned and moved to Florence.  And, while Drew claims his cajun heritage (and I agree, he’s got a whole lot of N’awlins in him), for all practical purposes Florence is his home.  It always has been.  He has literally grown up at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Poor kid, probably more than any other if you add up all the hours spent on campus (more than any except Krissy, Paige Self, and Tyler Self perhaps).

So today, we join our brothers South of the Border to celebrate.  But we Wikes celebrate for a different reason.  Happy Birthday, Drewbie Doobie!!!

One Response to “Cinco de Mayo”

  1. Dolly Sarrio May 5, 2012 at 8:22 am #

    I can’t believe it has been that long. Happy Birthday to Drew. I remember when you all came to the church.. Have a great day all of you.

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