You might not believe this, but …

4 May

I realize some who read this will never believe it.  But what I write I KNOW to be true.  I also cannot speak for every church, but I know plenty of pastor friends who operate under these same ideals.  But now, I tell you a couple of things about the staff at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

I am privileged to work with the staff at EBC.  And I can verify to all that we are a praying bunch of people.  We pray FOR each other.  We pray WITH each other.  We try to help each other SOLVE problems in our respective ministries.  We operate as a TEAM.  And we do not operate on our whims or desires.

In fact, there have been many times collectively or individually when we pray, God gives us an answer, and we go back to Him and as “Are you SURE, Lord??”  I know that to be true for me.  I know that to be true for Ed, Justin, Andi, and Pam as well.  But Ebenezerites can rest assured that when we make a move, we are following the Holy Spirit to the best of our abilities.

What about mistakes??  What about wrong moves??  We are human and imperfect.  We do make mistakes from time to time.  I am thankful God forgives us for that, and thankful for the most part that Ebenezer does, too!!  😀

Again, I cannot speak for other churches, although I know plenty of pastors to ascribe to this same pledge.  But those of us at Ebenezer are dedicated to following God’s leadership in EVERYTHING to the best of our abilities.  Not our opinions.  Not our whims or desires.  The church is HIS.  He calls the shots!  He sets the timing!!  And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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