Yes, I said Bibles

20 Jul

Honduras is a beautiful place full of great people.  And they are very different from us, living in a much different context.  A much more poverty-stricken context.  And I found out yesterday what the “gold currency” is of these people is the Bible!!

Bibles … We get excited about new cars and big screen TVs.  They get excited about God’s word.

Bibles are terribly expensive over here,  Abnd it humbles me to think about the fact that my family could miss one “eating out meal” a month and buy TEN Bibles.  Ten gold bars.

Really makes you think, huh??  By the way, our medical clinic saw a metric ton of people (I would guess it to be over 150, but I don’t know for sure) and we had 18 people accept Christ.

One Response to “Yes, I said Bibles”

  1. Bmb July 22, 2012 at 7:19 am #

    So… do we make it happen? Let’s start brainstorming this….

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