God is at work here

27 Jul

The past nine days have honestly been a blur.   An emotional rollercoaster.  Times of great victory immediately followed by passes through the valley of the shadow of death.  Yes, we’ve seen that shadow this week.  And it is so much to process.

I have no idea what I will preach on Sunday, but something is telling me not to worry about it too much.  There is so much to say and share about this trip. One thing I know for sure right now is that God is at work here and I am thankful I got to join Him.

I have no idea of the medical numbers, but I would guess it to be that we saw between 800 and 900 patients on this trip.  Paula Hooss did women’s ministry for hundreds.  Nancy and Marci Gatewood did children’s ministry for hundreds.  And Paula and I got to be a part of praying individuallly for hundreds and leading 31 to Christ.

Even more importantly, we have relationships.  This is not a get-in and get-out and never see ’em again thing … Not only do we have relationships with the pastors with whom we work, we have relationships with the PEOPLE.  As long as that continues, Ebenezer has an obligation to keep going!!

God IS at work here.  And I am just glad I got to be here, too!!

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