Back, but not the same

30 Jul

That could probably be said for every person on the Honduras team this year.  This was the first time I’ve been, but I heard from some of the veterans.  This trip was different:  Good in many ways, but difficult in others.

Sister Leonarda’s Home of Hope (the orphanage in Limon) was in worse shape than our team has ever seen it.  I had nothing to gauge that on, but it was bad.  And when Pastor Mario told me that HE thought it was bad (and I know the conditions in which Mario ministers), that made an impact on me.  I firmly believe God is leading us to help with this situation, and I am still praying about how that looks.  God will make that call, not David Wike.

There were also loops in my heart that were closed about this mission project.  There is no question of the value of this mission for me, for several reasons:

  • The needs are REAL, and God has put them in front of us AND given us the ability to make a difference.  For that, He will hold us accountable someday.
  • The people are REAL!  Not only the ministers and translators with whom we work, but the PATIENTS and CHURCH MEMBERS know us and love us.  Last week, an old friend of Diana’s contacted her and warned her that she had done missions work in Honduras and found that she was being hustled.  I am sure that happens, just like it happens in Florence, SC.  But I’ve seen these needs firsthand.  I’ve sweated and bled with these people.  These needs are more real than you really want to know!!
  • The power of Christ is REAL!!  I told a couple of stories yesterday about how God’s power took over and did things that we could never do.  There are a hundred more stories about this.  God was so interwoven in this trip that it humbles me to think about it every time I do.  If I sit and think about it for a few minutes, it still moves me to tears every time.

In Exodus 34, we are told that Moses’ countenance had changed because he’d spent time with the Lord on Mount Sinai.  We spent ten days with the Lord in Central America, and our lives will never be the same!

One Response to “Back, but not the same”

  1. Laura Chaney July 31, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    So true! We each have gifts and influence,.. please take some quiet time and be in prayer to see what God would have you to do…organize, fundraise, contribute or go. We have been back two days and there’s already tennis event scheduled in Missiippi in August, a Crossfit Burpee Challenge in Aug-Nov, and a Race in Florence in October. Ask God to show you how to respond, and please pray for the Honduras Mission Teams (past and present) who are overwhelmed and passionate about making a difference. Pastor David is absolutely right….this time is different, way different, and I know God is gonna show up on this is a mighty way! To God be the Glory!

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