What to do, what to do??

31 Jul

Most of us have this ingrained-trait that we cannot shake … WHAT DO I DO NOW??  We’d rather do SOMETHING than NOTHING.  We’ve got to keep moving!!  Do anything, even if it’s not the right thing, because at least we will be doing SOMETHING!!

Well, friends, there are times in life where ALL we can do is wait on the Lord.  Stop, be still, and know He is God.  Listen.  Remain faithful and true to Him.  He has brought you this far … He WILL see you through.

Just before God delivered the Israelites from Pharaoh once and for all, He led them to a place that really seemed to be a dead end.  Go read about it in Exodus 13 and 14.  I would’ve hated to been Moses that day …  The Children of Israel were TERRIFIED and they asked Moses, “What, it wasn’t good enough to let us die in Egypt so you brought us out here where there are NO GRAVES???”  They completely lost faith in God.  Pharaoh and his army were closing in and there seemed like no where to go.  Then Moses told them “Don’t be afraid!!  Stand firm and SEE how God will deliver you!!”  And He did just that.

I tell you, STAND FIRM, TRUST HIM, and just SEE how He works it all out!!!!!

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