Why me, Lord???

24 Sep

Have you ever asked that question??  Have you ever been in a difficult spot in life and wanted God to answer that??  When Ed and I used to drop by Philip Kennedy’s office on Santiago, that would always be the first thing out of his mouth.  “Why me, Lord??”  Miss that dude.

ANYWAY, last night in worship we looked as the story of Queen Esther and saw that she found herself in such a place.  On one hand, her people were about to be eradicated from the kingdom.  She was in a unique place where she held the key to their rescue.  But to save them would require risking her life. I wonder if she went into her room, looked up to heaven, and asked that question???

What would you do?  From the comfort of our lives, we would like to say “I’d risk my life!!”  But if you were staring down the barrel of potential death, what would you really do??  The real shame of this is, there are people all around us that face potential death everyday.  They live in the death of separation from God.  And you hold a key that can set them free!!  And, in most cases, you won’t even come CLOSE to risking your life to tell them.

Will you do it??  In the words of good ol’ Uncle Morty, “Who knows that God didn’t put you exactly where you are for such a time as this?”

One Response to “Why me, Lord???”

  1. changedmeforgood September 24, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    It’s kinda scary to put yourself out there. But I am trying to do more and more. A lady was coming unglued at the gas station the other day about waking up late and having a bad day. I didn’t know her, but I did say, “well, maybe it was a blessing from God. Maybe you were saved from a wreck or something. We should turn this into a praise.” She was receptive and she agreed was smiling as she left the store.

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