The Call

27 Sep

The call of God is an awesome call, and one to be obeyed.  If we’ve really accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior and follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit, we never really know when and/or where the call will come.  And we do not know where the call will take us.  We just know we will never be happy and at peace with God until we obey!!  If you don’t believe that, take a couple of minutes and read the Old Testament book of Jonah!!

This morning, we Ebenezerites strike into somewhat unfamiliar territory.  We mourn because Justin and Amanda and their family, whom we DEARLY LOVE, feel called to another church, where Justin will serve in a similar capacity as a Minister to Students.  Where many of our Baptist brothers and sisters have walked this territory, we have never seen a Student Minister called away to another church.  The first full-time youth minister was a guy named Ed Self.  I think he still works here.  The next one was me.  It is rumored that I still work at Ebenezer, too!  Sidney Rainwater helped out for a while and left to become a secret agent for the SC DNR.  Wes Andrews left us to pour himself full-time into his coffee shop, so he was still here and still around.  And then we called Justin.  Seven and a half years ago.

When Justin told me about this, I tried everything I could to talk him out of it.  But he convinced me this is a God-thing, and I know when God calls I CANNOT get in His way.  But I still mourned.  And we as a church will do mourn.  But that is okay!!  Our mourning will soon turn to blessings for Justin and Amanda and their kids, and then into praying for the next person God has to lead this awesome ministry!!

As for now, pray for our church.  Pray specifically for our youth and youth leaders.  Pray for Justin and his new ministry.  And pray for that one God has already chosen for us!!  And don’t worry … God is in control.  He has got this!!  Let Him do His job!

One Response to “The Call”

  1. Linda B September 27, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    David, this will be a trying time for EBC but you are right, God has this. In the past couple of years, watching Justin grow into such a fine young man, the thought has occurred to me, How much longer will we have him leading our youth? It is Justin’s time now and my prayers go with he and Amanda as they begin another part of their lives. It is like watching your child grow little by little and then see them leave the nest to become a part of the world. You know how that is 🙂 My prayers for you, David and Ed and the staff of EBC as the next weeks and months go by, that the transition will be an easy one.

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