Dangerous Rumors

1 Oct

Yes, it has started.  Justin resigned last Wednesday because God is calling him to a church in Alabama.  The mourning process has begun.  And so have the rumors!!

I’ve already heard too many rumors.  NONE of them even come close to the truth!!  The truth is what he shared with our youth:  God is calling him, and he must obey!!  END OF STORY!!  No controversy.  No anger or disappointment with our youth OR with our church. But that hasn’t stopped those who are watching from the outside from starting rumors.  (I even heard a detailed rumor of how I am planning to leave EBC when my son graduates WFHS in May!!  Again, NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH!)

It is human nature to make up answers when we do not have them and are too lazy to seek the truth.  A very dangerous part of human nature.  A part of human nature that Satan LOVES to exploit.  If he can use anything in this to cause division at Ebenezer Baptist Church, he will do it and do it with glee!!

Ironically, no one realizes this is hard for Justin, too.  He is mourning as much as we are, because we have been a loving family to him for over 7 1/2 years.  He will miss us as much as we miss him.  But God is calling him.  And we WANT him to be the kind of man that would answer that call.

So, if questions still remain, do yourself and our church a favor and ask Justin!!  He will tell you the truth!!

One Response to “Dangerous Rumors”

  1. Betty Moore-Bell October 1, 2012 at 6:53 am #

    How sad…and especially for a family which has served EBC so selflessly. What we SHOULD be doing is praying for the one God has raised up next to serve EBC as a youth pastor and for the McAlpin family to be showered in God’s blessings as they continue to serve Him. Shame on anyone who does otherwise!

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