3 Oct

Man, my grandfather was awesome!!  He really was the best!!  He died over 17 years ago, but would’ve been 100 if he’d lived until today.

He wasn’t perfect, but if I can be half the man he was, I think I’ll be okay.  He had 12 grandchildren, and had of way of making every one of us feel special.  Some of my best times with him were spent in a boat or on the bank of a pond/lake with fishing poles in our hands.  In our days, we caught some fish.  And we had many days where all we did was drown worms and minnows .. (Can you drown a minnow???  Anyway …)  It wasn’t the fishing, or the cleaning fish, or cleaning the boat that mattered.  It was time that made all the difference.  That is what I remember.  That is what made him the best!!

And, I’ve got 11 cousins who feel the exact same way as I do.  He really was the best!!  Miss you, Papa!!

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