All around us

4 Oct

Henry Blackaby wrote in Experiencing God that God is at work all around us. All of the time. Our job is to find Him at work and JOIN HIM!! I believe that with all of my heart. I believe that the times we don’t see Him at work are due to the fact that we are not looking for Him. He is at work all around us! On the other hand, that can present problems to our human nature.

In a church like Ebenezer, God should be at work in MANY PLACES. There are over 1,300 members of Ebenezer Baptist Church. He is at work somewhere around every one of us and wants us to join Him!! The problem presents itself when our human nature tells us WE are the only one working for Him. What WE are doing for Him is the ONLY THING GOING… When we do not leave room in our minds and hearts for others to be at work with Him in other places, we limit God and aggravate each other.

In other words, in a church the size of Ebenezer we MUST realize that there are many things happening for the Kingdom of God. Even though in our minds tell us ours is the most important thing, it actually is one part of a tapestry that IS Ebenezer Baptist Church. A tapestry that IS the Kingdom of God.

Remember today that God is at work in MANY PLACES ALL AROUND US. He is big enough to do that. Are we big enough to recognize it???

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