Pray then Vote

9 Oct

Late Saturday night, Drew and I got back to the house and found another sign in my yard:  A sign that says Pray then Vote.  I love it, and absolutely agree with it.  And I wondered who put it there… Had my list of suspects, and it turns out the one who put it there wasn’t even on the list!!  No matter, I am glad it’s there and pray it provokes thought for the next few weeks and time propels us towards the most important election day of  the 21st Century.

Another friend of mine tweeted about one of these signs.  She added the thought that we need to pray AND know the issues AND vote.  I think she is right, too.  When it comes to the vote, I believe in trusting God just as I believe in trusting Him with everything else in life.  And I believe in knowing the issues and the candidates.  Knowing their platforms and their values.  Not just voting because someone runs with a particular party or group, but really knowing what they believe.  And comparing them to my values and beliefs.  And for me, that carries a BIG influence on what I do with my vote.

Over the years I have also learned to know the candidates as much as I can personally know them.  And that probably WON’T HAPPEN if I just believe what is written about them in the press.  I personally know if local media decides to pump a candidate, they will paint the most rosy and unrealistic picture of that candidate even if they are NOTHING like this picture.  I’ve watched that happen even this year.  And, I’ve seen good candidates attacked for no good reasons other than they didn’t bow down to this or that (I have a friend who is going through that right now).

Personally, I want a candidate who won’t bow down.  And if you look hard enough, you just might find one.  There are one or two of those out there in local races this year!!

So, heed the sign and dig a little deeper.  PRAY!!  INFORM YOURSELF!!  PRAY SOME MORE!!  Then VOTE!

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